Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can do these activities?

Day hikes and climbing on the indoor wall and outdoor wall at camp are open to all ages.
The Low Ropes is suited for the 5th graders and up
The High Ropes is suited for the Jr. High aged and up.
The Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, and Kayaking trips are for Jr. High aged and above.
Indoors vs. Outdoors?
 This depends upon your liking, and age group participating in the activities.
Are there activities to do year round?
 Yes! We can hike, climb, and paddle in really any time of year depending on location. There is snowshoeing in the winter months. And the indoor climbing wall gives us a safe haven even on the rainiest of days.

How much does it cost? And why?

 The cost is dependent on the activity, number of nights, and meals you want provided. All pricing is provided with the description of each activity on the website. It costs for the gear, insurance, training, and salaries to keep Rugged Faith running. We feel the prices provide everyone with an opportunity to be able to take part in the outings. If there is ever financial a need limiting you, please let us know!
What mountains do you climb?
 We will help you lead your group on most any terrain in the Northwest. If you have something in mind let us know.
What if I don't have all the gear?
. Don't let gear limit you. We have access to many pieces of gear. Or you can let Him provide. Our God owns it all, and He is sharing
Does Rugged Faith only work with groups that rent Riverview?
 Rugged Faith is the outdoor ministry of Riverview Bible Camp, but we operate on a separate schedule. We can provide groups with activities and lodging separate from Riverview. Many of our activities are away from the campus and are completely self-sustained. Being a ministry of Riverview does allow us access to the campus as we desire.