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Low Ropes Course

This activity is designed as a 1-2 day climbing and rappelling activity. Northern Washington has many destination climbing areas which offer good rocks, weather and camping. Here at Camp we have 'The Shield' to rappel off of and a 26 foot training tower. Along with the many crags local to Spokane, Frenchman's Coulee-- which is located near Vantage on the Columbia River-- has been a very popular area. The Rock Solid course offers groups a chance to learn the basic techniques of climbing as well as offering a full range of climbs to challenge individual's abilities. This is an activity used for outreach, or along with others who want to make their faith more 'Rock Solid'.

  • 20 person group limit with 5 leaders
  • Guides, food, and equipment provided.

Cost: Local Rappelling: $10.00 Rappelling/Climbing trips: $15.00
Meals $7.00